Pet & The Virgin

Two short-shorts written for the Craft of Prose, taught by David Shields, 2015.

Pet - Published in Bricolage Literary and Visual Arts Journal, 2016

“I don’t think I like the way he looks at you.”
            “Who? Barkley?” Jennie asked distractedly. “What are you talking about?”
            “The way he’ll stand there, behind you in the kitchen, just…just staring. It’s not right. There’s something about it that’s not right.”
            “He just wants something to eat.”
            “Well, I don’t like it.”
            “You’re crazy.”
            Patrick paused the T.V. and looked earnestly at his wife. “While I’m in Florida I think we should put him in a kennel. Or have someone else watch him...”

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The Virgin

"After two years of planning, studying, saving, two years of late nights spent with her fiancée reading the Bible, talking about changing the world and how faith would carry them through trials, after selling most of her things, buying plane tickets, packing her bags, she decided she couldn’t go.
            When she told him, he was understanding. And she understood when he decided to go without her..."

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